Scaletta, Shibuya リストランテ スカレッタ  渋谷

Scaletta is a delightful Italian restaurant located in a back street in Shibuya, not too far from Aoyama Gakuin and Aoyama Dori. The interior is pleasant but quite plain, which in my experience can augur well for the focus on food. I recently had the pleasure of trying their "omakase" course for dinner. The meal opened with an amuse bouche of a pea puree concoction. This was followed by a white fish carpaccio topped with raw mushroom, a prawn and squid ink linguine, a delectable fish and tomato served in the plastic bag it was cooked in, porcini and rabbit penne, a beef main, an orange jelly mouth freshener, and for dessert a canolli with chocolate sorbet, then petit fours and coffee. This was washed down with an Italian chardonnay, suggested by our very pleasant and helpful female sommelier.

All these dishes were light but tasty and very apt as we move into the summer months. The hit of the evening was the prawn and squid ink fettucine - crumbed, fried micro-prawns (I doubt if that is the technical name) - heavenly! Scaletta is a very appropriate place for an elegant but casual dinner with friends, colleagues or clients and is relatively good value. We got out of it including wine for around 15,000 yen per head.

リストランテ・スカレッタ (渋谷)


Tel: 03-5468-6642


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