Casse Croute, Meguro キャス・クルート 目黒

Casse Croute, located in a side street off Meguro Dori in Meguro, is one of my favourite restaurants in Tokyo. I have been here repeatedly over the years and always have a good experience. The dining room is decorated in a bright, mood-lifting Provençal style and serves excellent country-style French cooking . For a Sunday lunch it is just perfect, so please let me describe a recent Sunday lunch I enjoyed there.

For just 2,000 yen you can order a menu which includes an entree, soup, main and dessert. On my most recent visit I ordered the charcuterie for the entree and was served a very substantial piece of terrine as well as a liver pâté. Both these were bursting with flavour and went beautifully with the bread that never stops coming. The soup was a cold corn soup which hardly touched the sides. This was followed by a tasty blanc de volaille - slices of cold chicken served with a tuna mayonnaise. I also thought the main of fish ordered by one of my party looked great so I had a taste and the fish was meaty and served with a delicious sauce with hints of shellfish. Dessert was a delicious blanc manger with prune. The drink of your choice is also included.

I can't think of anywhere else in Tokyo where you can have such a tasty, filling Sunday lunch at such a reasonable price.

キャス・クルート (目黒)



Tel: 03-5487-3608


Anonymous said…
Casse Croute has always served a consistent quality of food and service. The portions are generous and bread comes without asking for it. I love their choice of desserts too.
Anonymous said…
Slightly above the average french-cuisine-made-for-japanese kind of restaurant, very popular with japanese obaasans. Portions are rather small, food tastes ok if not really authentic.
But at 2000Y for a lunch on Sundays, I wouldn't call it cheap.

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