Ristorante Massa, Ebisu リストランテマッサ 恵比寿

I was really looking forward to my visit to Massa at Ebisu. After all this is the restaurant run by the famous Massa, veteran of Iron Chef and a veritable Tokyo food celebrity. For a recent Saturday night dinner, I sampled the fare with a couple of friendly dining partners from Osaka.

We all ordered the 6,300 yen (not including 10% service charge) dinner set which included a cold entree, hot entree, pasta, main and dessert. Feeling a little splurgier than usual I ordered a couple of items which required a supplement being the lobster pasta (+840 yen) and foie gras (+740 yen) with my main. The cold entree was a pork terrine served with some guacamole, pickled onion and some tiny tomatos. My main criticism of this dish is that the meat itself did not really taste of anything much- not a good start but I was happy to keep an open mind. This was followed by a spear of white asparagus served on what I think was some boiled wheat coloured with squid ink. This dish, while it was interesting to look at, was kind of bland.

This was followed by a pasta genovese with chunks of lobster. The noodles were quite nice and chewy, the sauce pesto-ey, not stingy on the lobster and nice enough overall. However I didn't really get the impression that the lobster was fresh, and again the overall taste was on the bland side. The main dish was a small piece of veal which had been topped with grilled pecorino cheese and this was served with a small piece of purple Japanese potato (Murasaki Imo), one baby carrot and an okra. There was nothing wrong with the veal which was cooked slightly pink, but it was not particularly memorable. I was also a little disappointed that the foie gras was put on the plate with nothing to pair with it, which is something that I think foie gras needs.

With my meal I had ordered a little set of wines by the glass. They brought two reds, one white and a port. Even though for some I had to stop the waiter walking off before I could find out what I was drinking, these were mostly pretty interesting and well chosen. Dessert was a very small piece of cheesecake which was served with a medley of fresh fruits. At the beginning of the meal the waiter had asked if there was anything that we did not like for dessert. I was quite specific in terms of what I did and didn't want to eat in the fruit department. Actually anyone who knows me can't make head nor tail of my preferences in this regard, but all I know is that since I was a baby there are certain fruits I just can't eat without keeping my food down. When the dessert came out there had been no attempt to accommodate me, even for the items that I had specifically said I didn't eat. I understand that the world doesn't revolve around my needs, but why ask if all you are going to do is ignore what is said? I'm not sure what the 10% charge for service was actually for...

Even if I turn a blind eye to this faux pas, the food at Ristorante Massa is far from exciting and I would regrettably hesitate to give an unreserved recommendation.

リストランテマッサ (恵比寿)




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