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The Michelin Guide has consistently awarded more stars to Tokyo dining establishments than any other city in the world. I created this blog as my personal Tokyo restaurant guide, but I hope you will also enjoy reading it. If you have been to any of the same places feel free to leave some comments about your own experiences.

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Sunday, 23 December 2007

La Collezione, Ebisu リストランテ・ラ・コッレツィオーネ東京 恵比寿

La Collezione is an elegant Italian restaurant located not far from Yebisu Garden Place. We recently held my company's "bonenkai" end of year dinner there and I was impressed with the food and the service. All the dishes were fresh and competently prepared, but the highlight for me was halfway through the courses when a little contraption was brought over and the waiter "smoked" our scallops. A bit of unexpected theatre that added greatly to the dish! At the end of the meal they brought out a selection of grappa to top off a lovely experience and we left the restaurant warm and satisfied.
TEL 03-5768-9733

Sunday, 16 December 2007

Le Petit Bedon, Daikanyama ル・プティ・ブドン 代官山

This "underground" French restaurant has been going for about ten years and it's easy to see why. The food and service are superb and this is a great place for a business lunch. Watch out though as the price of the set menu is deceptive. We were offered an amazing cheese plate but it added a few thousand yen to the bill! Still worth trying especially where you need to impress without being overly pretentious. They also have a theme night featuring a different style of wine each month.

Update: I have now tried Le Petit Bedon for dinner. My dining partner and I took the 12,000 yen tasting menu and wow! The dinner comprised of an amuse gueule of a baby tomato in jelly, a "pyramid" of scallop with wasabi ice cream, sauted foie gras with herbs and baked apple, a scampi and pistou pie with crustacean sauce, sea bream with a light yuzu sauce, slow cooked beef cheek, cheeses and a fondant chocolat to finish. Everything was amazing, and I was so full by the end of the meal my tummy hurt! I walked all the way home to my place near Hiroo to ease the guilt. I highly recommend this place. The service is formal but not stuck up, the food is excellent and the prices are at least about 30% lower than what you would expect to pay at one of the better known and fancier establishments in Tokyo.
Tel: 03-5457-0086

Bocca di Leone, Ebisu ボッカ・ディ・レオーネ 恵比寿

Bocca di Leone (the lion's mouth) is an Italian restaurant in Ebisu (close to the Shirokane end) that I recently visited for Sunday lunch. The interior was probably quite modern and edgy when it opened but it needs a coat of paint these days. There is a pasta set for 1,700 yen and a lunch set with a meat or fish for 2,200 yen. This include an antipasto, some bread and a main. I had grilled scallops which were very nicely done and topped with a finely chopped onion and garlic topping. It was served with deep fried Chinese broccoli and drizzled with good olive oil. It was very nice eating. My dining partner who took the pasta set had four large raviolis stuffed with spinach and ricotta and topped with parmesan and a bit of gorgonzola.
Tel: 03-3440-3123

Saturday, 15 December 2007

Forty Five, Roppongi フォーティーファイブ 六本木

Being situated as it is on the lobby floor of the Ritz Carlton on the 45th floor of a tower in the Tokyo Midtown development, this restaurant is aptly named. The views of Tokyo are amazing and the service is extremely attentive, even though the waitstaff seemed kind of nervous with their English. I tried the 5,000 yen lunch set (which is their cheapest) on a recent business lunch meeting and came away extremely impressed. I had a prosciutto and endive salad to start and this was followed by a small half lobster on linguine and then a small pear sorbet topped with a burnt caramel foam. All ingredients were of the utmost freshness, which is something about which you can really tell the difference. But the best thing is that the maitre d'hotel gave us two glasses of Dom Perignon on the house. I'm sure that free champers will turn out to be quite expensive for me in the long run as I am sure to be back!
Tel: 03-3423-8000

Sunday, 9 December 2007

Tableaux, Daikanyama タブローズ  代官山

Sooner or later Tableaux was going to make it onto my blog as it is one of the mainstay restaurants on the expat circuit in Tokyo. I have been to Tableaux about five times in the past, but it was only on my recent sixth visit that I was actually impressed with the food. I started with a couple of oyster shots which are always good (and let's admit it, it's hard to mess up an oyster), and this was followed as a started by little tacos with fried ginger on top, a little yuzu (Japanese lime) cream on the side and a little glass with a shot of gazpacho. As opposed to your ordinary taco, the beef was excellent quality and the overall taste was just great. For the main I had a divine beef cheek that came with a little salad tossed in raspberry and maple syrup. For one of the first times in recent memory I did not have enough room for dessert, but we all left the restaurant well satisfied. I will definitely be back to see if they can repeat the performance!
Tel: 03-5489-2201

Saturday, 8 December 2007

Cafe Daisy, Roppongi カフェデイジー 六本木

Cafe Daisy is a Scandinavian themed cafe situated not far from Midtown at Roppongi. Almost as soon as we sat down on the enclosed balcony we noticed that there was a cat sitting right above us; then for the next hour we got to know what a cat in its various poses looks like from under the floor. Anyway, back to food. They offer a basic brunch for 2,000 yen which includes a dish such as Eggs Benedict or quiche with a drink (including an alcoholic one if you wish to partake). I had the Eggs Benedict which tasted as good as the picture. They also bring lots of bread (various danish varieties), and definitely get the "brought more bread without having to ask" award. It's a good place for brunch with friends on a sunny weekend.
Tel: 03-5411-0253

Luxor, Marunouchi ルクソール 丸の内

Over the years I have been to Luxor in Marunouchi and Shirokane several times both for lunch and dinner. The food is always very nicely prepared and the menu quite interesting. On the latest visit to Marunouchi I took the standard 4,800 yen menu. This included a delicious entree plate with some octopus, pork belly with polenta and salami and fresh mozzarella. A spaghetti tossed in olive oil with a grilled scallop and a little half scampi followed. This was also very nice. Finally there was a little dessert plate and coffee. Including wine for three people the bill came to just under 20,000 yen which is clearly not cheap, but not outrageous either. All in all Luxor is a pretty safe choice on the food side, and it's open until quite late which is sometimes pretty hard to find in Tokyo.
Tel: 03-6212-6900

Thursday, 6 December 2007

Cogito, Nishi Azabu コジト 西麻布

Cogito is the first Michelin rated restaurant I have visited since the guide came out. The food is typical Tokyo French which means that it's very good for the most part, but with maybe not too much to surprise you. I took the 8,000 yen menu which includes a starter, a fish, a meat and dessert. Funnily enough the most memorable thing I ate there was the amuse bouche which was a white liver mouse on a little crouton. Amazing flavour! The foie gras was competent, the fish overcooked, the duck good and the dessert which was like a chocolate brownie with lots of different shades of ice cream was great. I'm not sure if I would rush back there, but for a special dinner in a nice atmosphere (like a date) it would be worth a try.
Tel: 03-3796-3838

Sunday, 2 December 2007

Vacanza, Ebisu ピッツェリアバカンツァ 恵比寿

Vacanza is an Italian restaurant more or less opposite Zest in Ebisu. It covers two levels and has an interesting Napolitan style decor. The menu is mainly pizzas and pasta. The lunch set includes anti pasto or salad, pizza or pasta for 1,600 yen as well as an optional dessert for 200 yen. I ordered the salad with prosciutto which was very nice and followed it with a lasagna which was flavoured with a bit of truffle oil. The lasagna was quite nice, but there was lots of orange fat coagulating on the bottom and the meat was, to be honest, a bit gristly. They serve the meals with some foccacia and olive oil, but I had to ask for more (so they don't get the "brought more bread without asking award"). My dining partner had the anti pasto which was apparently delicious but small. This was followed by crab linguine which had lots of shell but not much meat. Overall this is an interesting little place to try but there are some things they could do to improve the food.
Tel: 03-3440-5658