Cogito, Nishi Azabu コジト 西麻布

Cogito is the first Michelin rated restaurant I have visited since the guide came out. The food is typical Tokyo French which means that it's very good for the most part, but with maybe not too much to surprise you. I took the 8,000 yen menu which includes a starter, a fish, a meat and dessert. Funnily enough the most memorable thing I ate there was the amuse bouche which was a white liver mouse on a little crouton. Amazing flavour! The foie gras was competent, the fish overcooked, the duck good and the dessert which was like a chocolate brownie with lots of different shades of ice cream was great. I'm not sure if I would rush back there, but for a special dinner in a nice atmosphere (like a date) it would be worth a try.
Tel: 03-3796-3838


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