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Emilia, Jingumae エミリア神宮前

Emilia is a neighborhood restaurant in the quiet end of Jingumae specialising in northern Italian cuisine. I have been a couple of times in the last few months, and on both occasions left quite impressed by the quality of the ingredients and cooking, as well as the value for money. It's not a super-cheap restaurant but the chef really puts on an amazingly luxurious spread for his 6,500 yen menu - a soup, two entrees, two pastas, main, dessert and coffee. I also haven't had a bad wine there either.

If you're hungry definitely go there!



Quail 'pie'

Stuffed squid

Truffle tagliatelle 

Stuffed faggotini with mushroom

And you choose one main out of three:




Palate cleanser


Mango blancmanger

Icecream with cinnamon
Tel: 03-3402-5517

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