Restaurants to try

Here's a list of restaurants I want to try. If you have been to any of them, or have any suggestions for me on places you think I should go to, please feel free to post any comments on your experiences.

Tatsuya Kawagoe, Italian at Daikanyama
Ukai Toriyama (Japanese food in Hachioji)
Dis Moi Mountain French
Helequin Biz (French in a bamboo forest near Hakone)
Osteria Vincero (highly rated Tabelog resto in Shinjuku)
Ukaiya (Tofu palace in traditional Japanese garden near Tokyo tower)
Wakiya (Nobu Matsuhisa recommends this Chinese place in Akasaka)
Shisen Hanten Shichuan Cuisine in Akasaka
Kaseiro Beijing Style Chinese served by Geishas in Kamakura
Bai Wan
Hotel de Mikuni
Braserie Gus 03-3268-7157
Le Dessin 03-3353-2223


Anonymous said…
Angolo (Italian)
Rond-Point (French)
Les enfants gâtés (French)
Les enfants terribles (French)
Aureole (Italian)
Ristorante Honda (Italian)
Ristorante Hamasaki (Italian)
Ristorante Matsuo (Italian)
Marche de Paris (French)
Furutoshi (Fusion)
Specchio (Italian)
Walnuts (Mediterranean)
La Luna Rossa (Italian)
Hotel de Mikuni (French)
Polsecco (Italian)
Bourguignon (French)
Aromaclassico (Italian)

...we are so blessed to be living in Tokyo!

La Becasse (French) if you are in Osaka
Anonymous said…
Dominic, have you ever heard of "Chez Sylvia" in Tokyo? I would like to know if that restaurant is still in business.

Chez Sylvia was a French restaurant owned by German master chef Artur J. Rutter. He defeated Iron Chef Michiba in battle bell pepper.
Anonymous said…
Daniel Martin used to head Le Cordon Bleu school in Tokyo. He has a restaurant called L'espadon which looks good:
Toby & Jenny said…
Suna, a cute little Moroccan restaurant just off Aoyama-Dori, between Omotesando station and Gaien-Nishi Dori.

We have just been there for the classic 1,000 yen lunch set and enjoyed some authentic Moroccan cuisine in their cute little garden tucked away under the stairs. A very pleasant treat for a workday lunch.

Of-course you recommended it to me (yet there is no entry on your blog) so I guess its more a recommendation for your readers.

Jessica said…
Hi Dominic,

My boyfriend and I will be in Tokyo from 11/16-11/23. I have been trying to research great, authentic Japanese restaurants online but I am scared that the sites will direct me to tourist traps. We would so appreciate any recommendation!! We are looking for places popular with locals that have great food, like a neighborhood place that you frequent.

Thank you so much, I love your blog!!!

Serkan said…
There is a restaurant in Azabujuban called Burgaz Ada,
It is highly exclusive and serves wide variety of delicious food from Ottoman Cuisine which combines together asian and european food with excellent quality.
You need to book before you visit this restaurant as it is already popular among celebrities and executives.
Anonymous said…
My absolute favorite Chinese food is Shoukobou "笑口房" in Yutenji. Very reasonably priced and owned by an incredibly dedicated chef.
Anonymous said…
Gotanda area:
Anonymous said…
Bistro Tunnel Roppongi

Great value lunch set with good quality ingredients.

They offer cassoulet and a fromages plate on their menu!
Anonymous said…
Hello Dominic,
I am looking for restaurant with abalone on the menu. Especially dried abalone, do you have any suggestion.

Thank you in advance,

The Expat Wife said…
Hi Dominic, Great blog. I am also a fellow blogger living in Tokyo, and I love eating out too. So great to find your blog, and discover some more lovely places to dine. I really like your class and rating system, and have been thinking for a while about implementing such a system on my blog. I really like how you have done it. I am eating at Les Creations de Narisawa in May when I get back from Golden Week holiday so looking forward to that one. I booked just this week and that was the first Saturday night they had available. I will have a think about some places to recommend, but it seems that you have eaten everywhere already!
Anonymous said…
Thanks for your blog, great recommendations! Since you seem to eat a fair bit in Azabu-Juban, you should give "Le Pot aux Roses" a try (very close to White Smoke, on the 5th floor). There are often specials of the day that are not on the menu and well worth trying.
Jenny said…
Hi there! Just moved to Tokyo and had the pleasure to dine in Ginza's Bulgari Restaurant. I highly recommend it... I felt so spoiled and the food was really good and original. The sommelier was fantastic as well.

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