Cafe Daisy, Roppongi カフェデイジー 六本木

Cafe Daisy is a Scandinavian themed cafe situated not far from Midtown at Roppongi. Almost as soon as we sat down on the enclosed balcony we noticed that there was a cat sitting right above us; then for the next hour we got to know what a cat in its various poses looks like from under the floor. Anyway, back to food. They offer a basic brunch for 2,000 yen which includes a dish such as Eggs Benedict or quiche with a drink (including an alcoholic one if you wish to partake). I had the Eggs Benedict which tasted as good as the picture. They also bring lots of bread (various danish varieties), and definitely get the "brought more bread without having to ask" award. It's a good place for brunch with friends on a sunny weekend.
Tel: 03-5411-0253


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