Kunugi Teppanyaki Westin Miyako, Kyoto くぬぎ鉄板焼き ウェスティン京都

This post comes from fellow foodies and special guest bloggers, Elie and Kerrie Khoury:

Took the bullet train from Tokyo to spend a few nights in Kyoto at the Westin Miyako. Whilst there we planned to take in the sights and sample the cuisine. Fortunately on our first night we decided to book at the Kunugi Teppanyaki restaurant at the Westin Hotel. I must say from the outset the food was well presented, chefs and waiting staff efficient and attentive and all the indications were for a great evening out.

This was traditional Teppanyaki, with lots of great food but the restaurant was short on ambience. That did not matter at the end of a fabulous dining experience.

After much soul searching, we chose the Kunugi chef special set menu at about 18900 Yen/ head. There were other set menus ranging up to 34900 Yen / head depending on your preferences for king prawns and abalone etc... We were not disappointed with our choice.

Our chef proceeded to cook our meal after briefly inquiring whether we liked garlic (and plenty of it) to which we answered in the affirmative.

The first course consisted of a lovely egg custard, covered with a layer of jelly, with caviar and scallops set into the jelly itself...Very tasty, well presented and a great way to start the evening. We progressed to a beef tenderloin carpaccio served with clear noodles and a light soy. Our third course was sea bream with its skin cooked to crispy perfection and served with bok choy, garlic oil and lemon slice. Our very helpful waiter then proceeded to confuse and dazzle us with ten different types of salt from all over Japan/ Tibet/ Pakistan/ France/ Australia....you get the picture. Each type of salt had its own special characteristics of course. Quite impressive I must say!

Course four consisted of a whole lobster each cooked simply in garlic butter and presented with asparagus. Simple but effective and visually stunning. This was the course of the evening for myself and my wife. The flavours were sensational! Would have been very happy to stop there but the food kept coming.

The fifth course consisted of 130 gram of beef sirloin cooked to perfection. This was accompanied by vegetables- pumpkin, mushroom, onion, eggplant and a green salad. Needless to say the meat was tender and melted in my mouth...another great dish.

Barely had time to recover with miso soup and it was on to the next course of fried rice with egg, minced garlic, beef, spring onion, and butter served with a brown tea.

We seriously had NO ROOM for dessert but managed to down a fairly basic chocolate icecream cake with champagne jelly, strawberry coulis and pineapple and rockmelon. WOW!

Overall great value Teppanyaki, seriously worth a look and the trip from Tokyo.

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