Maison Paul Bocuse, Daikanyama メゾンポール・ボキューズ 代官山

I was recently treated for lunch at Maison Paul Bocuse at Daikanyama and was reminded why I like this restaurant so much. What's not to like about this place? The service is impeccable; absolutely faultless. The decor is "theme-French" but not in a grating way, and the food is of a good standard.

Whilst we were waiting for our table we were led to a surprisingly large lounge bar where my dining partner and I sat down on a very comfortable couch and sipped a glass of Dom Perignon. As we sat down I found a flimsy object of ladies' black clothing under the table which added to the overall hedonistic French theme. When we were ready to eat we were led through the front room of the restaurant to a modern and elegant back room which looks like something straight out of modern Paris (and which I had not known existed the first time I visited) to a banquette seat. We ordered a 3,000 yen lunch set which featured a gazpacho soup attractively dotted with oil and served with croutons on the side, a main of chicken and baked asparagus with lardons and Parmesan and a dessert of vanilla crème brûlée . Coffee, which was charged separately, came in an amazing shaped porcelain cup, from the "Luna" series made by Bernardaud of Limoges.

Maison Paul Bocuse is a cut above the average and makes a nice change for somewhere to meet for a business or social lunch. The execution against the Bocuse concept is very good. With a little extra attention to the food I would think they could do even better. I am looking forward to dining there in the evening at some point in the future.


テーブルを待っている間、驚くほど広いラウンジに案内されたので、そこにあった坐り心地のよいソファーでドンペリピンドンを飲むことにした。そこには、女性の黒い下着のようなものがテーブルの下にオブジェとして置いてあり、フランスの快楽主義を強調しているかのようにも見えた。私たちのテーブルはレストランのフロントにあり、そこはモダンでエレガントな黒く装飾された部屋で、まさに現代のパリを象徴するかのようにデザインされた晩餐会に使われる長椅子のようにも見えた。3000円のランチセットを注文した私たちの前には、ガスパチョ・スープにクロトン、メインディッシュにチキンとパルメゾンをまぶしたラルドンに焼きアスパラガスを添えたディッシュ。デザートには、Crème brûlée (カスタードベースで表面のクリームを焦がしたもの)。食後のコーヒーは、別料金ではあるが、陶器で作られたフランス・リモージュの食器メーカー『ベルナルド』の『Luna』というシリーズで作られたカップに淹れて、大変堪能できた。



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