Marché de Paris, Ginza パリの朝市 銀座

Marché de Paris seems like it has been around for donkey's years, and that is always a good indication that the owners know what they are doing. I recently dined here for lunch and was very pleased with the quality of the food and the friendliness/ competence of the service. My dining partner and I were seated at a little banquette style table near a window where we could spy on the passers-by on their way to hit the Ginza shops.

For 2,500 yen you can order a lunch set which includes an entree, main and dessert. On the day in question the entree of the day (the only option available) was a terrine of scallop with vegetables. This was a very interesting and tasty little dish, featuring zucchini and okra and topped with a plum sauce and peeled baby tomatoes. There were two choices for the main - fish or duck. We chose the duck and were rewarded with a plate featuring roasted vegetables, slices of duck breast and a heartier chunk of meat that had been braised in red wine. This was very tasty, although the veges were definitely not freshly out of the oven! Dessert allowed for three choices of a range of little cakes and was served with a scoop of yoghurt ice cream. The millefeuille was so amazing I wished I could have had seconds!

Marché de Paris was, for me, a perfect island of civilised respite to gather my senses over lunch before attacking the hustle and bustle of Ginza. I would definitely recommend it to you for a similar purpose, but be sure to book as this place is far from a secret.





Tel: 03-3543-9436


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