Bon Chemin, Gohongi ボンシュマン 五本木

I discovered Bon Chemin on the excellent Pig Out Diary which I am finding very inspiring with its amazing photos - clearly the work of a master foodie! I can only wish I was as good a photographer of food...

Bon Chemin is a little French restaurant in Gohongi, which is very close to Yutenji and Gakugeidaigaku on the Toyoko line, a pleasant suburban area not far from Shibuya. The bright decor is very fitting for a hot summer's day, and it was on one such Sunday that I recently tried it out. For around 3,500 yen (including service) you can order a seasonal menu that includes an amuse, entree, main and dessert and coffee. Small but delicious bread rolls and pork rillette are also provided throughout the meal.

Lunch opened with a little amuse of marinated sardines on a crisp pastry. For my entree I had ordered the gazpacho which is being offered during summer. This was actually quite an interesting dish as it included not only beautifully prepared vegetables such as pungent celery strips and peeled, boiled eggplant but also two triangles of ayu pâté. I have to admit that I wasn't that crash hot on the pâté and I found the soup a little bit too acidic overall, but full marks to the chef for creating something that deviates interestingly from the norm. For my main I ordered the fish of the day, which comes straight from Tsukiji (I have somehow forgotten what it was, but I think a suzuki). The fish came in a delicious sauce of butter, tomato and what tasted like vinegar and tarragon. I detect an acidic theme in the cooking, which is really appropriate for summer.

My dining partner ordered the roast pork which looked so good it almost made me wish I had ordered it, and the little piece I managed to negotiate was as good as it looked.

For dessert, I declined the clafoutis that was on offer as it was topped with the dreaded banana, however they very kindly whipped up a delicious crème brûlée for me. This was so moreish I think I made the whole restaurant jump as I clinked my spoon along the edge of the plate trying to get the last bits out.

The people at Bon Chemin are really pleasant, thoroughly professional and very keen to ensure that you enjoy your meal. I would be happy to return any time.
Tel: 03-3791-3900


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