Coldstone Creamery, Shibuya コールド・ストーン・クリーマリー 渋谷

I have known of the existence of Coldstone since they opened but I was damned if I was going to line up for it. I don't do queues. Well I recently made a little exception at their Shibuya branch, which is located in Mark City in the arcade leading up to Dogenzaka, as it was such a hot day. After standing in line for 15 minutes or so you can watch the shop girls and boys mash up your ice cream on a frozen teppan as they sing merrily and smile a lot. I ordered a minty creation made of creamy mint ice cream, chewy brownie and crunchy chocolate chips served in a fresh waffle cone. Yum! Was it worth 15 minutes and 540 yen (I ordered just about the cheapest - you could go well over 1,000 yen if you want to pig out)? Hmm, I could write a whole entry on my thoughts about the rationality or otherwise of queueing just to have the latest brand experience but at least you can say you've tried it.

コールド・ストーン・クリーマリー (渋谷)



Anonymous said…
I could do without the singing and the long lines!

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