Nanxiang Steamed Bun Restaurant, Roppongi Hills  南翔饅頭店 六本木ヒルズ

There is only one reason to come to this Chinese theme style restaurant in Roppongi Hills - that is for their pork soup dumplings. These are not dumplings inside a bowl of soup - these are dumplings where the soup is to be found inside! They are simply delicious and even better when you combine them with the shredded ginger that they are served with. Just watch out though as the juice inside is usually piping hot so don't burn your mouth! I wouldn't bother ordering anything else. On my last visit I ordered some Chinese vegetables for 1,250 yen and out came three sorry looking leaves and stalks with a bit of sauce whereas you usually get a whole pile in any other place worth its salt. Oh well, they're working us over, but I can overlook it as those dumplings are good!

南翔饅頭店 (六本木)

Tel: 03-5413-9581


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