Lettre D'Amour, Shirokane レトルダムール 白金

Near the top of Platinum Street you'll find a little cake shop called Lettre D'Amour. I have been walking past this place for many years and on occasion even walked in to look at the cakes. Only recently did I realise that there is a well patronised cafe on the second floor. The other day I decided to try it out. First I was directed to order my cake at the counter downstairs, then led by a waiter to the room upstairs where I was given the opportunity to order my tea. It's a strange system but you get a discount on the tea if you buy a cake and for both served together it's 1,000 yen. The second floor has a great view of the street and if you get the right table you can spy on the affluent passers by walking their dogs or driving by in their "supercars". The cake was the most delicious I have had for a long time- pistachio flavoured coating, with a layer of white chocolate cream then a core of slighty acidic, berry flavoured cream with a few real berries scattered through on a biscuit base. This was artistically served with some chopped grapefruit (which gave a great taste contrast) and dots of caramel and berry sauces. The combination of flavours was terrific, and all this was pleasantly washed down with a pot of Darjeeling tea. Usually I find these little tea rooms and cake stores terribly prissy and fussy, but I would recommend this place if you need to meet someone for coffee around Shirokane.

Tel: 03-5488-5051


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