Spyro's, Harajuku スピローズ 原宿

Spyro's is a sunny "al fresco" style Greek restaurant in the middle of Harajuku. There were no actual Greek staff on hand but the atmosphere of a Greek seaside taverna definitely comes through (as well as could be expected in the middle of Tokyo). Light meals are mostly what is on offer and the prices are not especially expensive. I started off with some fried Haloumi cheese, which I had never seen before in Tokyo and is one of my favourites. It doesn't sound very Greek, but I especially enjoyed their french fries which seemed as though they had been twice fried (which as any chip connoisseur knows is the secret to deliciousness!). There were quite a few gristly bits in the beef yeeros, which was a bit gross. The baklava was much drier than it should be, but still tasted quite good. So the food's not perfect, but it's still worth going there for the change of scene, especially on a nice sunny Tokyo summer day.

Tel: 03-5786-4446


Anonymous said…
I thought the place was good, but the staff were pretty clueless. They brought us some dip, and then brought up some bread ten minutes later! You might feel a bit pompous reminding them to bring you the bread and the dip TOGETHER but it is probably worth it. Unless of course you want to slurp it out of the bowl

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