Cardenas Charcoal Grill, Ebisu カーディナスチャコールグリル 恵比寿

It had been quite some time since I visited Cardenas at Ebisu. This Ebisu mainstay is located not far from Ebisu station and Komazawa Dori, on the hill just before the Ebisu "five ways". The menu has changed since I last ate there, which is something I like to see. There's a range of nice California/fusion style dishes on the menu, but the lobster caught my eye, and seeing it was my birthday I thought "why not?". Even at expensive restaurants my experience of lobster in Tokyo has usually been quite underwhelming. However the lobster I ate here was absolutely fresh and delicious. There's something to be said for keeping the poor critters alive until just before we eat them (sorry!). I highly recommend Cardenas for a date, business dinner, or for dining with a group of friends. The food and service is always great and they're open until 5am.

Tel: 03-5428-0779


Anonymous said…
This restaurant has several strenghts and several weaknesses. They do not know how to make a dry, straight up, twist and two olives martini. Not dry, no tiwst and one olive for starters. No bread served with salads ( HUH ?). Main courses were good ( Seared Ahi & Rack of Lamb). Desert we ordered was NY Cheesecake and sorbet. Well, the sorbet was fine but the NY Cheesecaks was really a custard and had no resemblance to a real NY Cheesecake. Service was pleasant. One nice thing is they have half orders of many of the appetizers and main courses. Great for those that don't want to pay to 'overeat'. The restaurant is fairly plain inside decor wise . I'd put it on the 'try' list but not on the 'must do' list !! PS: the 4 red wines by the glass choices are TERRIBLE. Smoking Loon Merlot, please, can we at leat upgrade to somethjing drinkable ??

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