David's Deli, Mita デビッドデリ 三田

David's Deli is situated quite close to the D2 home center in Mita which is how I first came across it. The interior is quite plain save for the Chagall reproduction windows around the staircase which represent the 12 tribes of Israel and add a very interesting touch to the whole place. The food is quite dear and there are no lunch sets but the servings are decent and the quality is superb. Whenever I go I can't stop ordering the same thing: chicken schnitzel pita sandwich, along with baba ganoush and kubbe. There's plenty of other middle eastern style delights on the menu as well as well as some Jewish mainstays such as matzo ball soup (which is good for those watching their waistline), but I just enjoy my habitual order so much! My only real complaint is that you have to pay extra for the pita bread when you order the baba ganoush, houmous or other mezze. Stingy! But I can look past it as the food is GOOD and the service friendly.

Tel: 03-5441-1211


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