Tsukushiro Sharks Fin Chinese Restaurant, Ebisu 筑紫樓 恵比寿

Sharks Fin is a fairly swish Chinese restaurant situated in the backstreets of Ebisu, not far from Ebisu station. I have eaten there a number of times for lunch, most recently on a Sunday when I ordered their middle of the road lunch set (pictured). Normally I don't care for "Chuka Ryori" (Japan style Chinese) but this food tasted just authentic enough to get my seal of approval. The fried prawns in mayonnaise were excellent and the little piece of Peking Duck we got was actually not too bad. The chilled ani doufu given for desert was quite nice and just what was required for the June weather. So for reliable slap up Chinese food in Ebisu in quite nice surroundings, Sharks Fin is just the place. And of course if you want to spend the money you can eat Shark's fin as well - I guess I'll do that next time!

Tel: 03-3760-0016


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