Le Lion, Ebisu ル・リオン 恵比寿

Le Lion is a cute reproduction of a Lyonnais bouchon (featuring shop genuine shop window stickers from Lyon and French radio playing in the background) located in the back streets of Ebisu. The food and service are good, and it's a great place for brunch on Sunday. I had a lovely rillette (a spread made out of pork) on sliced baguette, followed by an excellent omelet filled with cheese, lightly curried potatoes and lardons. My only complaint is that the dollop of ketchup on the side was a bit unnecessary and detracted from the taste of the perfectly made omelet. There was plenty of bread and a carafe on hand which always adds points in my book.

1-21-16, Ebisu, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Tel: 03-3445-8131


jc said…
Lunch in November 2010, a holiday and was crowded. Had a steak that was surprisingly big, tender and flavorful; with bread, salad, coffee ¥1500, Other lunches at ¥900. Will go back for dinner; overall feel was very nice.

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