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The Michelin Guide has consistently awarded more stars to Tokyo dining establishments than any other city in the world. I created this blog as my personal Tokyo restaurant guide, but I hope you will also enjoy reading it. If you have been to any of the same places feel free to leave some comments about your own experiences.

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Thursday, 9 April 2009

Son, Roppongi 中國名菜 孫 六本木

Son is a modest sized Chinese restaurant in basement in the back streets of Roppongi not far from Midtown. The chef has a special qualification that takes 16 years to achieve and this alone was enough to prompt me to try it out for lunch. You can order a lunch set for 1,260 yen and given the amount of food and its quality, this is pretty hard to beat.

Just be warned though - as my dining partner and I were sipping our tea after our meal the honoured chef himself approached the table. I thought it was to introduce himself and say hello. No, actually it was to tell us to clear out!! Funny, considering there was a table right next to us with a couple of middle-aged women who'd be yakking away at each other for ages. Hmmm - well I guess you'd ever eat Chinese for the flattery.

Tel: 03-5785-3089

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