Kurosawa, Roppongi 饂飩 くろさわ 六本木

Kurosawa is a traditional Japanese udon/ soba restaurant just over the street from the Grant Hyatt. Soon after entering and seeing the old movie posters I realised that it is named after the great Akira Kurosawa.

I have to admit that the first thing that comes into my mind when I see Kurosawa's name is "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers", when of course I really mean "Seven Samurai" - that's a tricky number, seven. Anyway, the marketing line here is that the perfection of Kurosawa's movies is translated into the food.

Given the sort of high-handed, dead-serious attitude the staff give off you could imagine that they really believe that claim; but the truth is that the food is merely competent and not in line for any awards. To be frank the prices are sky high and the portions stingy.

You can almost read the mind of the management when the menu says that you will receive exactly three slices of pork in your soup or two prawns alongside your soba. The pork soba pictured was about 1,500 yen and my prawn tempura was around 1,800 - and I consider that about 30% overpriced. The food's fairly refined but I'd only come here if you need somewhere traditional but relatively accessible (the English menu helps) round Roppongi Hills, perhaps to show a visitor how local you've become.

Tel: 03-3403-9638


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