Golden Spoon, Roppongi/ Tokyo Station etc

Golden Spoon immediately brings forth memories for me of the yoghurt episode off Seinfeld where the guys discover a fat free frozen yoghurt joint, go ballistic on the yoghurt and end up putting on stacks of weight because the yoghurt's not actually fat free.

Well at Golden Spoon you can get yourself a cup of divine, creamy soft-serve that doesn't taste mingy or fat-free at all (I mean like it was raspberry and cheesecake for goodness' sake) - and all it will add to your tummy is 120 calories. It's claiming to be 100% fat free, which leaves room for lots of yummy sugar and artificial chems I guess.

Well whatever's in it, I think I'm getting hooked - I've already been to their branch opposite Midtown in Roppongi and to one in Tokyo station.

Do yourself a favour and check it out this spring and summer! I promise you it's much less calories than a Starbucks Frappuccino...


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