L'effervescence, Nishi Azabu レフェルヴェソンス西麻布

Once in a while I like to go to the type of restaurant where if you thought about it too much you could never really justify the price, but it's just so damn lovely you don't even think about it. L'effervescence is one such "because I'm worth it" (and I should add the dining partner of the moment is too!) place.

It is located where a restaurant called Citabria used to be. I was never really taken by the food at Citabria, but always thought that the space itself had presence. For some reason it feels like somewhere that the very beautiful and successful people in Hollywood and Silicon Valley would deem adequate to frequent. Sleek, modern and super luxurious.

The spatial proportions at L'effervescence are generous, meaning that you do not need to sit on top of your fellow diners, and there is plenty of room for the beautifully trained waitstaff to glide around. And the food - well that is to die for - Modern French, unimpeachably prepared and visually dramatic.

This place is definitely worth a try when you have something special to celebrate and budget is something to worry about in a month's time when you get the credit card statement. Live for today, I say!

Tel: 03-5766-9500


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