Antichi Sapori, Minami Azabu アンティキサポーリ南麻布

If there's one thing I like in people and restaurants, it's generosity - and the level of generosity at the newly opened Antichi Sapori in Hiroo is something that will not fail to impress. You are probably familiar with the location - in Gaien Nishi Dori between Hiroo and Nishi Azabu, because it's where the expat wives' second home aka Cicada used to be.

The food is Puglia style, a southern region of Italy which is basically the heel of the boot. There are three set menus and my dining partner and I opted for the least expensive 2,800 option. I have no idea how anyone could eat more at lunch than what they provided for that price - a range of tapas style dishes followed by a pasta (that we split up), then two desserts, unlimited limoncello and amaro and a great coffee. 

On the way out we were offered our choice of olive oil, amaro, limoncello, breadsticks, nuts and dried fruits to take home. Wow - it was like a wedding where you get free stuff! Of course, they're trying to curry favour to drum up business for this relatively large restaurant, and business did seem a bit slow on the day we visited. Nevertheless, I really think it's worth your while checking it out. We need to do our bit to support restaurants that are trying so hard, and delivering an experience well beyond the everyday.

Domimique? Well I give them points for trying~

Little toast with delicious Puglia olive oil

Tomato soup

Eggplant and cheese

Stringly mozarella

Cold bread salad


Ricotta and candied celery

Pumpin and cheese bake

Rucola, dried ricotta (I think) and tomato (can't remember the name of the pasta)

Sausage and tomato pasta (thick chewy noodles, again can't remember the name)

Sugar almonds and orange peel

Ricotta, chocolate and dried fruits

Baba and zabaglione

Limoncello and Amaro (all you can drink, even though I didn't have a drop!)

Tel: 03-03-6277-2073


Raniya Sheikh said…
Well food looks sounds yuumy.. Nice blog.
Raniya Sheikh said…
Well food looks sounds yuumy.. Nice blog.

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