La Bombance, Nishi Azabu ラボンバンス西麻布

I'd tried more times than I care to remember to get a booking at La Bombance before finally getting a table for dinner. Of course, my lack of success had been all my fault as I usually tried to call on the day, or at best a couple of days ahead. No. To get into this sought-after Nishi Azabu basement establishment requires somewhat more strategy than that, but I can happily say it's worth a bit of forward-planning to get in there.

The modern Japanese food, service and overall ambiance are superb. It is not cheap but, then again, by international standards I don't think it's that expensive either given the overall quality of the experience.

P.S. You will appreciate that the menu is rather cleverly written if you really read Japanese well i.e better than I do. On the night I was much obliged to have the help of my charming bi-lingual dining partner to navigate!

Tel: 03-5778-6511


Anonymous said…
have to disagree here. went here a couple of years back and food was completely forgettable. staff breathtaken by a gaijin on his own

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