Le Berkeley, Shirokane ル ベルクレイ白金

The Shirokane basement restaurant, Le Berkeley, has been on my list for some time, primarily as I have walked past its ground floor sign many times and thought, "wow a French restaurant near to home I haven't tried". Now I can't say that any more. Being underground, I was expecting a dimly lit, moody little hole in the wall. Instead I found a brightly lit space which, to be honest, I found to be kind of lacking character. Our server too, while polite, was not particularly genki. It was a shaky start to the evening.

However the food is really rather good, and more than made up for the charm deficit in the surroundings. I'll certainly be back at some point or another, whenever I need a local fix of delicious French food.

Amuse of katsuo

Ayu pâté

Foie gras with carrot and cumin. The aspic had a strong flavour (balsamic) which went really well with the foie gras.

My dining partner's mousse of "Sea Squirt" (tastes better than it sounds)

Sanma tart served with banyuls giblet purée (quite bitter but not unpleasant)

Braised hamo

Delicious wagyu rump steak

My dining partner's rabbit. I had a little and thought it seemed a bit dry, but my friend was very happy with ir

'Avant dessert'


Cassis pudding

Tel: 03-6310-2378


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