Chez Azuma, Daikanyama シェ・アズマ 代官山

Chez Azuma is a pleasant little French restaurant in Daikanyama not too far from Namikibashi. I recently enjoyed a Sunday lunch there, sharing the experience with a range of different diners - from a family taking their son out for his birthday, to an older couple enjoying lunch together, a pair of OLs and a yuppie couple. What a quaint little mix of respectable Tokyoites!

The menu is stock-standard French, featuring all the standards such as duck confit, foie gras, rillette etc. My dining partner and I ordered the 2,800 yen lunch menu which along with bread and a fairly average rillette offers a soup or and entree, main and dessert.

I ordered the onion soup for my entree, while my dining partner ordered the foie gras. The onion soup was rich and beautifully finished in the oven and I kept on burning my fingers trying to pick the cheese off the sides (I'm clearly quite a bit less respectable than the other patrons). The foie gras looked nice but it came with apple sauce, which I'm not crazy about as my mother used to always try to make me eat with with her roast pork.

For the main I ordered the duck confit, which came with baked potatoes and whole garlic which went down rather easily. My dining partner ordered fish which looked nice enough but didn't generate too many pangs of envy. Dessert was a rather small dish of ice cream, chocolate mouse and chocolate cake.

Although the food is perfectly good and the service very pleasant I think the meal lacked a certain value for the money. I was the only one drinking but after I had an aperitif of champagne and a glass of white wine (neither of which was shown to me) the bill for two of us came to 8,000 yen. This is not a rip-off but neither is it good value for money for a very standard meal.

Tel: 03-5458-0300


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