Au Goût Du Jour, Yonbancho オー・グー・ドゥ・ジュール 四番町

Au Goût Du Jour is a modern style French restaurant in Yonbancho (not far from Ichigaya). The modern interior features framed pieces of used cardboard which, although kind of unique, didn't really communicate any artistic merit to me. For 2,800 you can order a lunch set which includes an entree, main and dessert. There are more expensive menus that feature more food - but for lunch I think three courses are usually enough.

The service is good, although I did find the way that the waiter went through the specials of the day and the different permutations of the menu to be a touch robotic (and hard to remember). Maybe it was because I watched "Blade Runner" again the previous evening that I had replicant robots on my mind...

I started lunch with a glass of Heidsieck & Co Monopole champagne which was slightly sweet and very easy to drink. This was followed by an entree of scallop with ricotta gnocci. This was quite subtle in flavour, but I found the serving a little small. My dining partner highly praised his salade de charcuterie which appeared more substantial. For the main there was a choice of fish or meat, and we both opted for the porc haché Parmentier style, which was served with a mushroom, green chilli and Okinawan okra. Although my dining partner was very happy with this dish, I thought it tasted just like Spam and potato with some pesto. The veges were quite nice though. Dessert was a rosemary chocolate mousse cake with mango ice cream, which was also quite nice.

Overall, Au Goût Du Jour is quite a polished establishment but I think the food could be razzed up a notch or two. They're sailing dangerously close to the (admittedly high) average in this town.

Tel: 03-5213-3005


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