Tanpaoichiba, Shinbashi  湯包市場 新橋

Tanpaoichiba is a no-frills Chinese cafe down a lane in Nishi Shimbashi. You'd hardly give it a second glance if you were walking past, and that would be a big mistake. For 3,800 yen you can order all the dumplings, shorompo, gyoza, sui gyoza, karaage, pork buns, ramen, noodles, desserts and beverages (including alcoholic) that you can handle. You are also able to order a la carte and all the prices are very reasonable. The abundance of food does not impugn its quality, with all the food being prepared freshly in the store. I didn't see any evidence of a defrosted dumpling the whole evening. The staff are also charming, which is usually not one of my criteria when I go out for "real" Chinese. This is a great place to unwind with work colleagues or close friends who love to eat! It's a small place so I would advise booking in advance.

Tel: 03-3591-2988


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