Bisogno, Ebisu ビゾーニョ 恵比寿

Bisogno is a little bit out of the way in Ebisu, about five minutes walk from Ebisu Garden Place in the direction of Shirokane. I have eaten there several times for lunch and dinner and although it is not especially cheap, I think they try hard to make the food a little more interesting than usual. On a recent visit for lunch on a Sunday, I ordered a basic "weekend" pasta set with dessert which cost 2,100 yen. The entree was a cold plate of asparagus spears, and aspic jelly topped with a runny poached egg (pictured). I was able to mop this up with some delicious warm bread, one of which had white figs in it. There were only two fairly small pieces of this bread served so I had to ask for more, and was only granted two tiny extra pieces. For the main I had a taglietelli tossed with pork sausage meat and cream. I am fond of pasta where the sausage meat has been taken out of the skin as it adds a lot of flavour to the sauce. The dessert of the day was a platter comprising of a small scoop of vanilla bean ice-cream with some crunchy biscuit crumbs underneath, a small piece of chocolate "terrine" sandwiched in some filo pastry and a piece of crepe with orange cream. Very nice, and the coffee is better than average. Dinner is also pretty good, and I would recommend the lamb. All in all Bisogno is pleasant enough and I would recommend giving it a go if you are in the area.
Tel: 03-5792-5841


Thessa said…
Hello Dominic,

God knows what I did to google into your weblog, but I'm glad I found it. Very nice log - I really have to go to some of the restaurants you recommend. I was wondering, did you ever go to Citabria? That's really one of my all-time favourites in Tokyo, with really good, attentive staff and just great food and wine.

Take care,

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