Bistro de la Cite, Nishi Azabu ビストロ・ド・ラシテ 西麻布

Bistro de la Cite is located in the "restaurant alley" of Nishi Azabu parallel to Gaien Nishi Dori. It's a small restaurant with an authentic French style fit-out. The Flemish still-lifes on the wall behind our tables gave the place a very atmospheric, almost Flanders feel. The food is superb. There are a number of different combinations of entree and main that you can order, and you can easily get away at lunch with paying under 5,000 yen per head including a glass or two of wine (the house white which was surprisingly good is only 300 yen a glass!). The meal started with some bread and rillette. The rillette was fresh and soft with a hint of garlic. You can really tell whether you're going to get a good meal if the rillette is good - and we were off to a very promising start. Then I ordered the sautéed foie gras. It came sautéed and browned on the outside, served with a raspberry vinegar, croutons and jullienned endive. The waitress helpfully offered me a sticky sauterne to go with it. Divine. For the main I ordered the fish of the day. This was a fleshy suzuki served with scallops, little brussels spouts, a risotto and ringed with a lobster bisque. This was then topped with a tempura of zucchini flower with little bits of very flavoursome tapenade. And I thought I was ordering light by having the fish! For dessert I could only manage a spoon of my friend's chocolate tart with caramel ice-cream. The chocolate and caramel flavours were very powerful, and delicious. Even the coffee and petit fours were well above average. I would definitely take someone here who appreciates good food, whether for business or pleasure.

Très impressionant!!!
Tel: 03-3406-5475


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