Matsuura Italian Restaurant, Hiroo イタリア料理マツウラ 広尾

Matsuura is an Italian restaurant on Meiji Dori, very close to Tengenjibashi. I have been there for lunch and dinner. On my most recent visit for Sunday lunch, I ordered the "Gourmet Set" which for 1,890 yen included an antipasto plate of sashimi (of a type of ray, but I don't know which), some fresh mozzarella with ratatouille and "Tsukuba" chicken sashimi. It was the first time I have eaten chicken sashimi, and it was quite nice but I have to admit I was sqeemish as I'd always understood raw chicken to contain salmonella. This was followed by a cauliflower cream soup, a decent sized green salad and a cream and mushroom pasta. Dessert was a little piece of Tiramisu which was flavoured with banana. Banana is one food I simply cannot stomach but my dining partner was more than happy to take it off my hands. Coffee was also included in the set. My only complaint is that they served each course before the last one had been finished. There's a slighly odd and nervous energy about the service, but all in all this is a reasonable place to eat and very good for the price.
Tel: 03-5449-3377


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