Trader Vics New Otani Kioicho トレーダーヴィックスホテルニューオータニ

I don't know if I should be embarrassed by this or not, but it's time that I finally came out and admitted it. Trader Vics at the New Otani is one of my favourite restaurants in Tokyo, if not my actual favourite.

It has everything working against it. It's in a big hotel, it's way too expensive, it's hopelessly retro (and not on purpose), despite the theme it's not really Polynesian at all, their hors d'oeuvres are called 'pu-pu' and the cocktails have politically incorrect dolls and made in China American flags in them. But I just bloody love it. The food is excellent, the service is really good and the setting is just so fun.

I've been there in the evening a few times, once for lunch during the week and once on Sunday when they have their buffet. I prefer going in the evening, but that is the most expensive, please be warned.




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