Ruby Jacks, Roppongi ルビージャックス 六本木

When I went to Ruby Jacks in the south annex of Ark Hills I was basically expecting a poor man's version of Two Rooms - but it's really not like that at all. It's a very swish establishment in its own right, and more like business class whereas we might think of Two Rooms as first. Let's get this out of the way to start with - I like Two Rooms a lot, but after some surprisingly expensive dinners in the past I've kind of sworn off it. Even though it's a great location and lovely experience, I am not a millionaire in the league that can afford to drop 70,000 yen on a casual dinner for two.

Did I feel the same way about Ruby Jacks? Well, it's still very expensive, but I thought the food, service and atmosphere were all very good. My dining partner and I opted for the 10,000 yen course (which with wine and service, really gets the bill up there) but I'm really tempted to go back and try more things off their menu.

Our waiter allowed us to see the 1kg steaks available to order. There are some people who actually do, if you can believe it. Actually I believe it because I have seen ladies in New York at the Bull and Bear working their way through that amount of flesh!

Foie gras with three berries and cashew dust. I knew this was going to be a good dinner when I tasted it. Superb

Fried prawns with yuzu kosho remoulade -- very nice

150 gram John Dee fillet, done medium rare was excellent

It's carrot cake on a candied carrot slice. Cute

This one reminds me of Princess Leia's  hairstyle. I think it's cookies and ice cream with caramel sauce
Tel: 03-5544-8222


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