Wakanui, Higashi Azabu ワカヌイ東麻布

I've been to Wakanui several times but have just now gotten to writing about it. The background to the restaurant is quite interesting, as the establishment serves as a permanent promotion for ANZCO, the New Zealand meat export company.

I think it's a brilliant idea, and the restaurant does a nice job of highlighting the great quality produce of New Zealand including some of their delicious wines, which are not outrageously priced. On the most recent visit my dining partner and I sampled the 350g rib-eye. It was delicious, as were the entrees of blue cheese salad, smoked salmon and hot salmon. The cream cheese crepe for dessert was an excellent finish. My only criticism is that some of the sides were a bit dodgy - the potatoes undercooked and the baked onion kind of fibrous. On the positive side I'm very partial to their red wine sauce and always have to ask for seconds!

Next time I visit I'm going to try their gargantuan lamb rack, which looks absolutely sumptuous.

Meats are ageing nicely!


Blue cheese and apple salad

Smoked salmon was tender and served at the right temperature.

The hot salmon was delicious.

Those onions at the back are a bit dodgy but the steak is great.

Yummy mushrooms

The red wine sauce is my favourite condiment. I can't get past it to try the others...

Potatoes need a lot more attention - should be crispy on the outside and creamy on the inside (not hard).

Yummy crepe with cream cheese inside to finish

Tel: 03-3568-3466


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