Cuivre, Roppongi キュイーブレ六本木

Cuivre is a small French restaurant located in a back street in Roppongi. If you blink you'd miss it as it's located up some stairs in a little house, well away from the main drag. This is the type of little neighbourhood restaurant that I love, and that Tokyo does really well - quiet and unassuming but with great attention to detail on the food and atmosphere.

However the most impressive thing is the value for money. I defy anyone to find a restaurant in the heart of a major city of the world where you can have a three course lunch including bread, coffee and a glass of wine for 2,000 yen or its equivalent.


Smoked salmon salad

My dining partner's scallop terrine

Carrot soup

The "obaasan's" minced beef pie.

My dining partner's buri in a tomato sauce

Dessert - rum ice cream, "marron" cream, pastry chocolate and vanilla with pear and raspberry (I had already given the pear away when I too this...)

Tel: 03-6434-5770


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