Cuisine Française JJ, Roppongi Midtown キュイジーヌフランセーズジェイジェイ東京ミッドタウン六本木

JJ has been on my list of potential blow-out meal venues for quite a while but, when I think of taking a meal to the max, I don't usually think of doing it in a shopping centre. Maybe that's why I've always moved it down my list for somewhere more commanding of my attention. But Tokyo Midtown at Roppongi is not your average shopping centre. Midtown would have to be one of the most elegant, well designed shopping centres in all the world - boasting a design that is both truly Japanese and truly international. It's a perfect example of a shopping centre done right and is one of my favourite places in Tokyo.

Well silly me for waiting so long to make it here. The food is really, really good and the service very friendly. On the night I booked, they called me twice to warn me that there would be a large table right next to us. I'm always happy to take my chances so I kept the booking. As it turned out the group could not have been better behaved, except at the beginning of the evening every time when someone new arrived, one half of the table (presumably the service-provider half as opposed to the client half) stood up in unison. Weird, but touching.

All in all it was a great meal, but I have a couple of minor points of feedback. Our waiter could not have been more pleasant and was a great sport, but he really was a bit clueless about what we were eating and on several occasions had to go back to kitchen to get with the program. He had also never heard of a "disgestif", which I found odd as he is French (maybe it's my pronunciation). Also, it caused quite a bit of an issue when, after being asked if there was anything I didn't like, I told them I don't like fruits so much. But actually it wasn't an issue for them in the end because they changed exactly nothing to accommodate me. This is a first for me in a restaurant of this level (the bill ran to over 40,000 for two), but it's not like it killed me I suppose...

Here's a run-down of what we ate:

Freeze-dried foie gras with candied fruits. Couldn't really go there for most of the fruits but my dining partner enjoyed them immensely. The freeze dried foie gras was an interesting idea.

A turn for the molecular with lobster, ikura, jelly explosion and dried seaweed

Chestnut and celery soup was superb

Foie gras with cacao and daikon. I have to say I don't like daikon as an accompaniment to foie gras although I've been served it a few times recently. But then again I don't like daikon much anyway, so I'm probably too hard to please.

There was some fish hiding under there

The wagyu with shaved truffle and the "sumi" sauce was excellent.

Apple something or other (I couldn't eat it as I only eat cooked apple - I am pretty weird when it comes to what fruit I will and won't eat I admit)

The final dessert of marron with cacao crisp and ice cream was delicious.


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