Shunju, Tameikesanno 春秋溜池山王

Shunju is a well known izakaya at the top of the Sanno Park Tower in Tameikesanno. On the night I visited it was not at all crowded so my dining partner and I were lucky enough to get a window seat and enjoy the view out to Shinjuku. The ambiance on the night seemed chilled and quite laid-back - quite how I like it. Crowded, noisy, smoky izakaya do my head in!

The set we ordered was around 5,000 yen, which I think is quite good value for what was included. The flavours in some of the dishes were a little bland for my liking but, all in all, it's a nice set. The service is also very pleasant, so if have an out-of-towner to modestly entertain, I would try it out.

 The seasonal appetiser (I wish I could remember what it was - the taste was not memorable)

Broiled tofu with miso meat sauce. Rich and spicy - yum!

 Deep fried yam and "Shunju" croquette. I found these a little on the bland side.

Miso stewed beef cheek with organic vegetables. This was delicious.

Rice and fish to finish the savoury courses

Sorbet and fruit
Tel: 03-3592-5288


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