Ichi, Shirokanedai 壱白金台

Ichi is a very good izakaya located off Meguro Dori in Shirokanedai. It is clearly a local neighbourhood favourite and doesn't even worry about having a website.

There is a comprehensive board of daily specials in the evening (you will need to read Japanese) as well as a daily lunch set, which is whatever they decide each day. The quality of the food is good, however the servings are skimpy and the service is extremely s l o w if they get more than a couple of groups in.

Despite this, for a local izakaya experience with high quality cooking, it's worth a look.

Excellent sashimi (but it was tiny!)

Prawn balls and daikon in broth were very fresh and delicious

Shiitake with cheese - very moreish

Fried tofu was beautifully cooked

Wagyu steak was delicious (especially with the wasabi to counter the fattiness)

 Scallop with vegetable

Tel: 03-5422-9558


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