W Omotesando The Cellar Grill, Omotesando

The Cellar Grill is a relatively new restaurant that opened earlier this year in a basement just off Aoyama Dori in Kita Aoyama. Despite the upmarket location and nice cellar/ wine-bar style fit out, the prices are extremely reasonable. This type of place has all the ingredients for success among today's more sober, value-conscious Tokyo diner, and the full house on both evenings I have been there recently is a testament to this.

The wines on their extensive international list are marked at retail prices and can, I believe, be bought and taken home as well. The food is mostly prepared at the counter, and is of very good quality.

My only gripe is that on the last visit, they charged for a bottle of wine that we never drank, and it wasn't until the next day that I'd realised they did this. An honest mistake? Let's hope so, but it's certainly taken the shine off what, so far, have been two very enjoyable evenings.

The oysters (from Hokkaido) were not as enjoyable as expected, lacking somewhat in taste (but they looked great).

Sometimes you just have to have some fries!

Chunky grilled bacon (this is my favourite thing on the menu)

Grilled chicken

Octopus carpacio

Grilled pork

Creamy cheese risotto - in no way necessary, but an excellent final indulgence!

Tel: 03-3400-3552


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