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One of the more pleasing things about life (and writing this blog) is that just every now and then, one is pleasantly surprised. On a recent weekday dinner I had such an experience at Bitto in Shirokane. That evening I was tired, and not in the best of moods as the restaurant I had planned on going to without a reservation was shut. I know...failing to plan is planning to fail and all that!

For many a year I have known of the existence of Bitto in the lower reaches of Kitazato Dori in Shirokane but never felt an urgent need to go there. The modern izakaya next door, Konomu has always seemed a more attractive option.

I can report that the people in this family run establishment are pleasant and the food is really surprisingly good. All the dishes seem to have quite a high price attached to them, but the servings are so large that two big eaters can easily share them without a fight.

On the night my dining partner and I visited, there were quite a few things not on the menu. I also didn't dare to enquire whether the "arai guma" (the "washing bear" or as we know it, the racoon) was available. There's a strong note of authenticity and dedication in the cooking, so who could ask for more on a cold February evening?

Take my word for it, it's racoon simmered in red wine sauce. Kawaisoooo!

Seafood was really fresh and delicious

This course was the pièce de la résistance. Assorted deep fried mushrooms with deer ragu and a chewy, thick pasta we got to choose. No idea what the pasta was called - I have so much more to learn about Italian food.

Tiramisu - as good as it looks!

My dining partner's "baba". Again, as good as it looks!

Tel: 03-3441-8113


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