L'Assiette Blanche, Shirokane ラシェット・ブランシュ 白金

L'assiette Blanche is a little French restaurant in the less glamorous backstreets of Shirokane just up from Meiji Dori. The food and service are just great. I've been there for dinner and lunch and both were superb. I even prefer it a little for lunch as it was better value but the food was still great.

Here are some pics from a recent visit for dinner:

Amuse of cheese and ham on toast. I've made this before many an evening ;-)

Shirako. The horror, the horror. I was very clear about my desire not to eat baked fish semen and sperm cocktail, but my dining partners didn't refuse strongly enough and were served this delicacy against their wishes...

Creamy risotto with prawn and asparagus.

Fish (cannot remember which type) with yummy, crispy skin. As a kid I never imagined I would enjoy eating fish skins but well...

Duck with foie gras. Tasted as good as it looks.

Creme brûlée

Blanc manger

Nougat with espresso. This was my dish and was yummy! I did not offer to share it...


Loco said…
All of those dishes looked so good...make me wish i was rich! lol nice post, thanks for the lead!

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