Le Gaulois, Jingumae ルゴロワ神宮前

Le Gaulois is a modern French bistro situated in Gaien Nishi Dori on the way to Sendagaya, opposite the Jag dealer. The location is a little out of the way but you can have lunch and then sit in some nice new cars! One interesting feature of this fairly small restaurant is the very large table that looks like it could seat around 20 (making it great for a party).

I recently had lunch there with a colleague and was very impressed with the food and service. The basic lunch set costs 2,900 yen and includes a generous entree, main, dessert and coffee. I deem them also inducted into the "Order of the Bringers of More Bread Without Having To Ask For It" (which is one of my key marks of a restaurant that cares about its guests). For my entree I had a mixed plate of salad leaves, fresh herbs and marinated mushroom served with tempura of oyster and asparagus, topped with a thin fried noodle pancake and dotted with balsamic vinegar and mustard. This was a divine combination and much more elaborate than I had expected. I love a surprise like that! For my main I had salmon and vegetable served in an earthy prawn sauce, which was also very good. Dessert was a blanc manger served with fresh strawberries and coulis. It was just about the tastiest blanc manger I've had for a long time.

I will be back to Le Gaulois for sure, and would also love to try them for dinner at which time I will add to this review.

Well, after almost three years I can add to this review! Here are some pics from a recent dinner at Le Gaulois.

All the food on my recent visit for dinner to Le Gaulois was competent and tasty. I think lunch is probably better value though...

Hot terrine with foie-gras. This was very tasty.

Salad with tempura of langoustine and white fish.

Crab soup
Fish with green sauce (sorry! - I wasn't sure what it was)

My dining partner's venison

My beef

Tel: 03-3404-0820


Anonymous said…
had dinner there a couple of months ago and this is has now become the standard sunday night dinner spot. 3 times in the last 4 weekends. wonderful husband and wife team - though the chef husband does warm up to you only afer a few sessions but the wife is a terrific hostess. the le gaulois salad with the confit de canard is fantastic and wonderful value. had the terrine as well which was up there amongst its peers. they have a fantastic red burgundy by the glass (for the price) and a decent selection of digestives for after dinner. if solo on a sunday evening, keep a lookout for the guy enjoying the confit de canard while reading the economist. 4 stars is dominic's rating - and i agree whole heartedly.

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