Sabado Sabadete, Shirokane サバドサバデテ 白金台

I've been walking past Sabado Sabadete at the bottom of "Platina Dori" in Shirokane for years. Once my curiosity recently reached a threshold I had, in the last few weeks, made a couple futile attempts to make a booking. Futile, not because I think the restaurant was booked up but because nobody answers the phone. Well, given the age of the flirtatious Catalonian proprietor and his helper, it's forgivable if they're not hanging around during the day waiting for my call.

The food is good, honest Spanish tapas. Rather nice I thought was the frittata, especially once it had been spread with some of the huge dollop of aioli provided alongside the bread. Here are some pics for you to salivate over (ok, I forgot to take pics of everything, engrossed as I was in the sparkling conversation of my dining partner):

And here's one of the proprietor drinking out of this weird little beer vessel that had previously been passed around all the patrons in the restaurant. You can see it's quite hygienic as noone's lips actually touch it!

I'd recommend Sabado Sabadete for a pleasant, laid back evening jaunt back to Catalonia. The food is tasty and the service warm. I also need to warn you, the proprietor does not speak English so it's Japanese or Spanish all the way!

Tel: 03-3445-9353


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