Teppan-ya, Hiroo 鉄板屋 広尾

I think, not unreasonably, I had assumed Teppan-ya was a Teppanyaki restaurant, but it's more interesting than that - specialising in all types of grilled meats and fish. Located on Meiji Dori in Hiroo I've walked past it a number of times in the past few months thinking that the facade and midget-level door probably had something kind of interesting behind them.

One recent evening, as I was wandering around looking for something to try for dinner around Hiroo my dining partner and I decided to check it out.

The overall feeling is modern Japanese and I really liked the ceramics used for the plates and ashtrays. BUT, ashtrays!? This is 2010 isn't it? Ne! Haven't all other parts of the civilised world phased out smoking in restaurants. I understand that it's nice to have a ciggie or ten during dinner, however it's something that makes it smelly and unpleasant for everyone else (and also makes a smoker in remission like me think about what it would be like).

Despite the smoke, the food was actually rather good.

This crab was DE-licious! Kind of earthy, juicy and clean all at the same time.
This is okonomiyaki. Nice, but not their best dish.
These prawns would have been delicious just on their own but went nicely with the crunchy broccoli and mayonnaise. There were just a few smears of mayo left after about 60 seconds!
This is "chu-toro" tuna. Crispy on the outside and juicy inside. Majorly nice!!
Scallops cooked just right with soy sauce and butter.
This grilled pork (like thick cut bacon), was accompanied by a STRONG yuzu paste. Yum!
This is raw beef with a mustard sauce - hmm - I actually prefer beef cooked, but it was worth a try.
You could definitely take foreign visitors here as no one can
really object to a nice piece of grilled fish or meat. Can they?

Tel: 03-5739-1488


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