Argent, Meguro アージエント目黒(中町)

Argent, located on Meguro Dori not far from the trendy Hotel Claska, is a French restaurant that has been going for 30 years now. I'm not sure that much has changed in the last 30 years and this probably, if anything, explains how it has lasted so long in the cut-throat Tokyo dining scene.

I recently attended a special 30th anniversary dinner there and it seemed full to the rafters with lots of local female types d'un certain age who may well have been going there all that time. Good for them! The food is good, honest French and, for what it is, is quite edible. The bread is extra good, and tempted me (I am only half sorry to say) away from my carb minimisation regime - at least just for one night.

Here are the highlights of the menu from the anniversary dinner:

The first course was a country style terrine, which was a nice start (but no pic I'm afraid - must have been too hungry to remember to take a pic).

Tuna Tartar "Paris Esprit", which went beautifully with the garlic croutons.
The "Dream Salad" of grilled scallops. Did the recipe come to the chef in a dream? Scallops were cooked in something yummy I couldn't identify.
Seafood and Mushroom Gratin - beautiful aroma.
A5-rank (!) beef cheek.
Rare cheesecake (very soft)
Strawberry tart.
I'd recommend Argent for a little, informal dinner where the aim is more to relax and enjoy each other's company than to impress with the sophistication of the food. We don't really need a mini Robuchon every day, do we?

Tel: 03-3792-4445


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