Gokyo, Nishi Azabu 五行 西麻布

Gokyo is a pleasant, designer-style ramen joint located in Nishi Azabu not far from the cemetery. You'll find it opposite the drab American Army building that, incidentally, houses the Tokyo offices of the magazine, "Stars and Stripes".
I seem to go against the local grain whenever I eat ramen as I am definitely not a slurper and I never leave the soup in the bowl -- why on earth would you leave something so yummy just sitting in the bowl to be poured down the drain I wonder? Maybe that's why they gave me a bib!

Their speciality is "burned" ramen, which initially attracted me as I am a big fan of black tan tan men. On a recent visit I sampled their burned sweet miso ramen, which I believe is the house specialty, but not the only thing on the menu. For around 1,000 yen each bowl of noodles is served with a surprisingly fresh and tasty side salad and a bowl of rice, either with bbq pork (which I chose) or the "gomoku" (basically bits of veges and other yummy stuff).

I found the soup a touch on the oily side and a little bit cloying, but tasty enough to drink almost to the last greasy remnants. The pork itself was a modest chunk of fatty belly, but tender and quite delicious.

I'd recommend you try them out, and I will be back myself to sample their other varieties soon. Just be warned that, even though the store is kind of in the middle of nowhere, it gets very crowded during the week so you may be best advised to visit on the weekend.

Tel: 03-5775-5566


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