Shin-a-hanten (New Asia), Daimon 新亜飯店 大門

If you're not careful you'll miss this well-worn Chinese restaurant in one of the main streets of Daimon (not far from the gate which is large enough for cars to drive through, where Daimon gets its name).

On a recent weekend lunch, the Shanghai-style yakisoba that came out first was generous and delicious, as was the wonton soup. But I was drawn here in the search for the perfect "shorompo" which, to the uninitiated, are steamed pork dumplings where the skin of the dumpling forms a bag containing a hot, oily pork broth (mind your tongue!). These are served with strips of fresh ginger, soy sauce and vinegar - which balance the fattiness of the dumpling superbly. The shorompo on offer here for 1,400 yen for eight pieces are the meatiest I've tried so far in Tokyo.

Almost every other diner in the place had ordered a serve of these, and they're obviously the speciality of the house.

I'd recommend giving these guys a go one Saturday or Sunday for lunch - you will not go hungry I assure you!
Tel: 03-3434-0005


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