Dhaba India, Yaesu ダバインディア 八重洲

I don't pretend to have the foggiest as to what constitutes genuine Indian cuisine but when I see Indians cooking in the kitchen and dotted throughout the dining room, I think we must be pretty close to the genuine article. Dhaba is an Indian restaurant located not too far away from Tokyo station and the PCCW Building in Yaesu near Marunouchi.

The dining room is done out in an interesting stucco painted blue theme - which I imagine is a simulation of a real South Indian dining room. For a recent lunch on a holiday Monday I selected a 2,000 yen "holiday" menu which features a masala dosa (a chick pea pancake surrounding spiced potato and onion) and the curry of your choice served with nan and rice. The curry I chose was a tasty coconut and prawn curry that featured soft and fragrant curry leaves (which I have never had before). My dining partner ordered a dark, creamy mutton curry with fenugreek leaves. This was even richer and more delicious than my prawn curry!

Overall the service was a little bit slow and I was unpleasantly surprised to be charged 720 yen for two extra nan breads (very mingy, guys!). I think also for 2,000 yen a small dessert should be included, not just masala tea, lassi or madras coffee. However if you are looking for a real Indian curry, this is one of the more interesting places I have tried in Tokyo. I am sure the spiciness is toned way down for Japanese taste buds, but I would not say the flavours themselves have been dumbed down.

Tel: 03-3272-7160


Anonymous said…
It's a tasty place - but when my partner bit into her dhosa and found a dirty rock inside, the manager didn't seem at all bothered. He told us it was probably his supplier's fault. As if that matters. I've never had stones in my food before, but if it is an unavoidable part of dining, as the manager seemed to suggest, perhaps it would be nice to apologise for serving it.

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